Crawl Request and Payment w/ PayPal

Need to know your name for the requestor
REQUIRED - Need to know your email address to send results back
It is helpful to understand your motivation for this request, what will you do with the results?

--- The next set of fields is for the URL entry of the Crawl ---

  • Five fields are for the order, three are required
  • Two alternative fields are required


URL Restriction Points:

  •     Any large major sites such an CNN, Walmart or Citibank will be rejected.  ----> Nutch is not a price crawler
  •     The goal here is to assist the small to regional entities for research (ie: The butch the baker and candle stick maker)
  •     If a 'robot.txt' file is present for a supplied URL/site the alternat URLs will be attempted

---Disclaimer ---

The goal is to follow local/regional laws as they are understood. These are your entered URL values, so you violate local rules as per your entry.


FORM steps to Follow:

  1. Enter in the fields above, key are the "REQUIRED" values

  2. Second choose the 'Check Order' button to find errors in the details entered. {adjust/fix any errors}

  3. Once all entries pass the check, you will be on the validation page, at bottom choose the "BACK" button

  4. Next step on this form, choose the 'Add to Cart' button

  5. LAST STEP use this 'View Cart' link to make the PayPal payment for this request