Outdoor Garden Detail

Here is a brief set of pics of plans or landscape items in my outdoor backyard garden. Over the years some plants have survived, while others have disappeared. There are rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels and multiple insects in my yard that have lunch often. I have made a choice not to use too many chemicals (green planet), but rather find the perennial plants/bushes that will survive over time. It was costly approach at first, lost lots cool plants/bushes, but not we are at a good place. Item list here stood the test of time, some fertilizer and always water.

Note: It is nice to find unique plaints that you neighbors do not have, to aviod cookie-cutter look anybody can have.

Tortured Smoke

Here is a dual set of smoke bushes the were initially planted to grow tall and provide privacy.  But, the back neighbor later put in a row of bushes (hemlocks) that cover the privacy point, so I was trying to re-purpose and cut the bushes down.  Also second challenge, the area does not get enough sun for bushes to grow full and stay purple.  But they grow back each year, so they are staying.  Bush on left was almost lost this year, trying to grow it back. (ie: fence needs repair, I know...)

Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'
Tall Crape

Here is a Creapemyrtle that looks to be happy in the part of the yard.  Had to re-plant is a few times, nearly lost the bush.  It come out in late spring, you almost think its dead.  Slow grower, but in late August is looks very nice with maroon flowers at the top.  Was trying to keep it shorter, but cutting it just hurts the plant and top flowers.  Now just letting it grow wild, pushing the height of the white spire birch behind it.

Lagerstroemia hybrid ‘Ebony Embers’
Garden Corner

Here was an unused a comer of the yard that was under a big pine tree, it was made into a sitting area.  Nice a cool on hot days, lots of shade and a good place to smoke cigars at night.  The Hostas grow ver well under the pine tree in this corner

Big Red Flower

Here is a late spring arrival, but makes a big splash in late August.  It has been growing for 4 years now.